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Over the years Middlebrook Engineering Inc. has been contracted by clients to develop and present training courses to their staff. These courses form a basis for planning and technology training that is then customized for each client and specifically tailored for their needs. As part of the training, we will train a staff member within the company to become a trainer so future courses can be presented by the company's internal sources.

Students enrolled in these training courses receive a training book which includes exercises. Exams are given on each unit and all students are evaluated for pass/fail. We retain the copyright for the course and material but the client has the right to use it internally.

Existing training courses include:  

CABLE TV TECHNOLOGY BASICS: This course ½ day course that is presented to cable tv staff as a learning tool about the industry. Vernacular, concepts and the business itself are discussed as an introductory course for employees. Clients take the course material and adapt it with their internal instructor to become the “Cable 101” internal course used for all new hires.

DESIGNING BROADBAND HYBRID-FIBER-COAX (HFC) CABLE PLANT: This is a 4 day course used to train outside plant and plant designers how to design and implement coax and fiber systems.

BROADBAND HYBRID-FIBER-COAX (HFC) CABLE PLANT AND HEADEND: This is a 3 day course used to train headend technicians and outside plant field technicians to properly implement headend equipment. Even the seasoned headend technician will learn the “why” things are the way they are even though they have been doing it for years and not really understood why. Peaking the satellite antenna properly, setting up an analog modulator, setting up the digital signals, return path setup, sweep systems, etc are all covered in detail.

CABLE TV HEADEND TECHNICIAN: This is a 2 day course used to train headend technicians to properly setup headend equipment.

DIGITAL PHONE 101: This is a 1 day course to train cable TV staff about the implementation of telephone service

DIGITAL PHONE INSTALLER TRAINING: This is a 1 day course to train cable TV installers to properly install, setup and commission a digital telephone service. Residential installations, multi-dwelling units, Enter Phone intercom variations are all discussed. Installation tools, wiring options, etc are all discussed and explained in detail.

DIGITAL PHONE TECHNICIAN TRAINING: This is a 1 day course similar to the installer training but with more technical detail on the CMTS, call setup, echo troubleshooting, etc that the headend technician supporting a telephone service is required to comprehend.

TELEVISION PRODUCTION – VIDEO AND AUDIO: This is a 1 day course used for training production and technician staff to properly setup video and audio levels, cables, colour bar setup, all activities needed to have a successful live television production or record content for later post-production editing.