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Our satellite communications expertise includes:

  • Testing and commissioning of large aperture satellite antenna systems for Communications and TT&C uses. We will perform the sub-reflector alignment, cut patterns, certify results, as well as perform complete RF system testing on behalf of the client to commission a complete system into service.
  • Spacecraft RFP development. Payload, Bus, Launch, Insurance, and operations. We have existing RFPs that can be used as templates to develop new procurement tenders for satellite procurement.
  • Licensing of orbital slots satellite and earth station facilities.
  • Large earth station facility planning, from the building/shelter and infrastructure to the construction and implementation of the complete facility.
  • Concept and system design for a whole new satellite system. New ideas include: Over-the-top (OTT) video distribution as part of an IP VSAT system; low or medium earth orbiting satellites interconnected in a network for global or regional high-speed data; Ubiquitous coverage personal communications systems using LEO network of satellites augmented by terrestrial networks.


Over the years Middlebrook Engineering has completed the alignment, test, and turn-up of antenna systems consisting of 32/18/16/14/11/9/8/7/6/5.6/  4.5/3 meter and smaller VSAT. The systems operated in multiple frequency bands including L/S/C/Ku/DBS/Ka-Band.

Satcom Industry Expert, Gord Campbell, has joined Middlebrook Engineering Inc. as a Senior Associate. Gord has over 30 years of experience working on large aperture earth station satellites over the world.