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We will plan and implement a new facility or an upgrade to an existing facility. In addition, our staff craft technologists have the skills to work with the client staff to clean up existing cabling and implement system upgrades to bring the facility up to carrier-class technical quality for improved ongoing reliable operations.

Middlebrook Engineering Inc. has strong engineering expertise in several related telecommunications fields:

INSIDE PLANT: The planning and implementation of IPTV, telco central office and cable TV headend facilities requires a strong understanding of the overall system architecture. We have strong expertise in fiber planning, optical transmitters and receivers, headend amplifiers, combining networks, modulators, transcoders, cherrypickers, CMTS systems for DOCSIS 3, video encoders, etc.

OUTSIDE PLANT (OSP): The design of OSP systems is done using Lode Data design and drafting tools as well as proprietary optical link budget design programs. Drawings are prepared using AutoCAD MAPS 2012.

FIBER-TO-THE-HOME (FTTH): We are a registered Calix consulting engineering firm, although we are independent of any manufacturer. We will engineer and implement FTTH systems from any manufacturer.

LONG HAUL DWDM FIBER NETWORK: We have designed and implemented over 400 KM of long haul DWDM fiber facilities interconnecting cities. Our responsibility included the strategic planning, project approvals, complete system design including permits and crossings, construction tender and contract to project management for the fiber system construction itself. Then after the fiber was completed we engineered and implemented, test and turn-up of all of the equipment.