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Middlebrook Engineering Inc. is based in Calgary, Alberta and was incorporated in 2005. The firm is wholly owned by Barry Middlebrook, P.Eng. and employs a full-time staff of 6 as well as contract Associates. Middlebrook Engineering Inc provides independent professional engineering services to clients with specialization in the following areas:

  • Satellite Communications
  • CATV Engineering
  • Fiber Optics
  • Digital IP Television Systems
  • AC and DC Power Systems
  • Data Centre planning and implementation
  • Spacecraft payload design, ground station - engineering and implementation. C-band, Ku-Band, DBS and Ka-Band systems (from small VSAT dishes to large 16M systems).


Owner Barry Middlebrook, started his career implementing satellite communications systems in the early 80’s for SED Systems Inc. This included equipment design of satellite, cable TV and early VSAT systems hardware and software. That unit design expertise would become valuable in engineering proper systems for specialized government/military communications, rocket tracking as well as satellite communications systems. Since those early days Barry is credited as playing an important role in the development and implementation of today's digital television systems used for cable and satellite, as well as current Ka-Band VSAT systems that provide high speed satellite internet services.

Barry Middlebrook is an accomplished public speaker and a recognized technical authority on satellite, cable, telecom and broadcasting subjects.

To view a summary of Barry Middlebrook's achievements please download his PDF.

Other services offered include:

  • Communications Systems design engineering
  • Electrical Engineering: building infrastructure planning, backup power, UPS, HVAC including engineering stamped design drawings
  • End-to-end communications systems planning and implementation for Satellite communications, fiber optic transport, CATV, internet data centre and operations centres
  • TV production facilities, mobile production trucks
  • Strategic corporate analysis and planning, engineering studies, briefs and audits
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) development and execution for large and small projects
  • Regulatory applications (CRTC, Industry Canada, FCC, local utility right-of-way, environmental crossing)
  • Cable plant outside plant (OSP) infrastructure (coaxial and fiber). We utilize Lode Data for new plant and system upgrade walkout and design to 1 GHz/860/750 MHz. Drafting is done using AutoCAD MAPS 2012. We provide design drawings with complete system levels and building materials for construction implementation.
  • Operations and maintenance centres including Network Operations Centres and Master Control facilities from concept to operations
  • Turnkey fiber optic system design, planning, construction, implementation and turn-up. Long-haul and Metro fiber networks. DWDM, FTTx, OC-192, 10G, etc. including optical fiber engineering, right-of-way permit applications, construction, testing and system turn-up.
  • Rack and equipment planning, room layout, UPS and generator facilities, construction management, server installation and commissioning
  • Inside plant facilities including all aspects of Cable TV inside plant, IPTV headends and distribution. We are experts in standard and high definition digital video systems.
  • Broadcast TV systems, workflow planning, server systems, studio design, production, NLE, on-air master control, audio systems, lighting, all aspects of TV station facilities with strong operations experience